SaaS for SMEs

SaaS for SMEs

SaaS for SMEs

With the development of the Internet, the development of saas services is becoming more and more abundant. Under the fierce competition, various saas manufacturers have developed more software services in order to occupy a place in the saas competition. Among the many services, small and medium-sized enterprises still need to find saas services suitable for their own development, so as to do more with less.

On the one hand, small and medium-sized enterprises need to use the global market, R&D and other resources to achieve rapid development by means of information technology. information model. And SaaS helps small and medium-sized enterprises to solve the problem of informatization construction in a more, faster, better and more economical way.

1. Flexible business needs

The advantages of SMEs lie in their flexible business processes and agile business management. Therefore, when they purchase software leasing services, they are more directly involved in the business management of enterprises. However, the needs of SMEs for business management vary widely, and different industries, different companies and different businesses have great differences. They need SaaS vendors to provide personalized information services that conform to their own business characteristics.

2. Data integration and interaction are required

In terms of data integration, business information sharing, and process transfer, large-scale enterprises use the SCM supply chain system to manage the transfer of orders between enterprises and the transfer of business process information, etc., but it is difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to bear such costs. Moreover, if small and medium-sized enterprises do their own interface development or software integration, it is time-consuming and labor-intensive. They need the API or Web service provided by the SaaS vendor to realize the integration of the new information system and the existing business system data of the enterprise through integration.

3. A business communication platform that needs to be shared

Traditionally, small and medium-sized enterprises have relatively simple business communication, and some only need tools such as Tencent QQ, but this can only solve the communication between internal personnel of the enterprise, and this communication method is one-way, which is difficult to achieve. Enterprise personnel together, or let upstream and downstream enterprises and customers participate in the communication. If enterprises use social media such as Sina Weibo, they lack the privacy and security of information. Small and medium-sized enterprises urgently need a flexible, convenient, safe and concealed business communication platform.

In addition, SMEs pay great attention to the stability of the service network, the timeliness and security of service providers, the reliability and reputation of service providers, and the level of support for localized on-site services. Is the total cost of ownership real? Reduction is also an important aspect for SMEs to focus on.

To sum up, although the SaaS industry has great prospects for development, it only makes sense if it becomes a demand that enterprises can accept and pay for. Therefore, when SaaS manufacturers develop services, they must formulate business models with Chinese characteristics according to the actual needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, so as to be invincible in the market.

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