The 3 Best Electric Blankets Money-Saving Miracle in Winter 2022 Test & Review

Jamie West   

Jamie West   

Jamie West is a former electrical engineer who recently decided to quit his job.
After 14 years of designing electronics for some of the biggest companies in the world, he decided to combine his passion for writing with his deep knowledge of technology, and joined CrossReview as a head partner.

Since the second half of this year, Europe faces an energy crisis. The reduced gas supply has sent energy prices soaring and some Europeans are looking for ways to keep warm this winter without switching on heating systems in their homes.

According to data reported by British media, it has sold nearly 13 times the amount of its electric heated blankets in the year to date compared with the amount than last year.

You’re most likely tempted to buy an electric blankets, but maybe not sure whether they’re actually a money-saving miracle or just a great marketing-gimmick profiting off the energy crisis? 

We found some blankets could save up to 85% in energy consumption, we also found out that some won’t save you anything at all, and some can even be dangerous (fire- and electrocution hazard). 

What To Look For?

When you’re dealing with electric products that contain flammable material which also might become wet on accident, you want to take all the measures to make sure that you’re not getting a product that can either catch fire or have the risk of electrocution in case it gets wet.

Bacteria, mites and even insects love to be in hot moist environments.It’s no secret that you might get a little hot under a heated blanket, therefore, you want to make sure that the material of the blanket is breathable, in order to prevent bacteria and mites from growing in case the fabric were to get moist.

If you’re going to have a piece of fabric touching your skin, you wanna make sure that it’s first of all: comfortable, and second of all: wont’ trigger any allergic reactions or irritate your skin.

We’ve found the best material to be high quality flannel.

Not only is it super convenient to chug your blanket in the washer and have it come out completely clean, but it is also way more hygienic.

For the obvious reason, this winter we gonna save our utility bills…

What To Avoid?

One thing you dont want when it’s cold, is an electric blanket that doesn’t stay at the temperature you want.

The next you don’t want is an electric blanket that can potentially overheat and cause a fire hazard.

Therefore it’s super important to look for temperature monitoring features when shopping for electric blankets.

You don’t wanna wait ages for an electric blanket to heat up your cold body.

Look for an electric blanket which has the necessary features that can heat up to your desired temperature in less than 20 minutes.

You’re most likely going to be sleeping with your electric blanket, and in this case you need to make sure it has an auto shut-off feature (the ability to gradually lower temperature until it turns itself off after a certain amount of hours).

In case you cheap out, and buy an electric blanket that doesn’t have adjustable temperature you’ll either end up with a blanket that doesn’t help you catch the heat, or have you boiling in your own sweat.

According to what we look for and avoid, our tests are judged on seven dimensions and then come to a conclusion:

7 Criterias


During the last 3 months, we’ve tested 38 different heated blanket. The following 3 models are the best based on our expert opinions along with thousands consumer reviews:




Our rating








Over 40,000 reviews


Our rating








Our rating








Which Electric Blankets is worth buying?




I stumbled across this brand and it performed very well in the test , also gave me a great experience.
If you’re looking for a heated blanket that will keep you warm & cosy AND cost you 88% less than your central heater, then The FMK Blanket is the best value for your money.
Not only is this electric blanket the one that saved the most electricity in our test, but it was also the highest quality out of the 42 blankets we tested.
It is made in a high quality flannel, which is soft and comfy on your skin yet thick enough to properly keep in the heat.
And although the material might be thick, it is still super breathable, which guarantees that you won’t have to worry about bacteria, mites or even insects having a party inside it while you’re sleeping.
In terms of the features & technology inside, we were blown away over how good it works.
In less than 5 minutes you can heat up The FMK Blanket to 6 different heat settings between 25-40*.
All while knowing that it’s literally impossible for any accidents that occur, thanks to it’s CE-certified triple-layered protection technology, which guarantees that it’s 100% fire- & waterproof.
Not to forget, that it’s also machine washable, so if you ever have an accident or you’re just using the blanket every night, you can simply toss it in the washer and have it come out completely clean within an hour.


How do we rate?

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